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American Standard COL09963 - Coil, Outdoor Flat Fin

Item: COL09963
MFR: COL09963

This product is no longer available for purchase.

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American Standard COL09963 - Coil, Outdoor Flat Fin

For Black Epoxy coated coil use COL10154.

For use with TCH048F100AA, TCH060F100AA, TCH060F100AB, TCP060F100AA, TCP060F100AB, TCP060F300AA, TCP060F300AB, TCP060F400AA, TCX060G100AA, TCX060G100AB, TCX060G300AA, TCX060G300AB, TCX060G301AB, TCX060G400AA, TCY048F100AD, TCY048F300AD, TCY048F400AD, TCY048G100AA, TCY048G100AB, TCY048G100AC, TCY060F100AD, TCY060F300AD, TCY060F400AD, TCY060G100AA, TCY060G100AB, TCY060G100AC, YCP060F1M0AA, YCP060F1M0AB, YCP060F1M0AC, YCP060F3M0AA, YCP060F3M0AB, YCP060F3M0AC, YCP060F4M0AA, YCP060F4M0AB, YCP060F4M0AC, YCX060G1M0AA, YCX060G1M0AB, YCX060G1M0AC, YCX060G3M0AA, YCX060G3M0AB, YCX060G3M0AC, YCX060G4M0AA, YCX060G4M0AB, YCX060G4M0AC, YCY048F1H0AD, YCY048F3H0AD, YCY048F3H0AE, YCY048F3H0AF, YCY048F3H0AG, YCY048F3H0AH, YCY048F4H0AD, YCY048F4H0AE, YCY048F4H0AF, YCY048F4H0AG, YCY048F4H0AH, YCY048G1H0AA, YCY048G1H0AB, YCY048G1H0AC, YCY048G1H0AD, YCY060F1M0AD, YCY060F3M0AD, YCY060F3M0AE, YCY060F3M0AF, YCY060F3M0AG, YCY060F3M0AH, YCY060F4M0AD, YCY060F4M0AE, YCY060F4M0AF, YCY060F4M0AG, YCY060F4M0AH, YCY060G1M0AA, YCY060G1M0AB, YCY060G1M0AC, YCY060G1M0AD, YCZ050F1H0AA, YCZ050F1H0AB, YCZ050F1H0AC, YCZ050F1H0AD, YCZ050F1H0AE, YCZ050F3H0AA, YCZ050F3H0AB, YCZ050F3H0AC, YCZ050F3H0AD, YCZ050F3H0AE, YCZ050F3H0BA, YCZ050F4H0AA, YCZ050F4H0AB, YCZ050F4H0AC, YCZ050F4H0BA, YCZ060F1M0AD, YCZ060F1M0AE, YCZ060F1M0BA, YCZ060F1M0BB, YCZ060F1M0BC, YCZ060F1M0BD, YCZ060F3M0AD, YCZ060F3M0AE, YCZ060F3M0BA, YCZ060F3M0BB, YCZ060F3M0BC


NameAmerican Standard COL09963 - Coil, Outdoor Flat Fin
Gemaire Item NumberCOL09963
Manufacturer Product NumberCOL09963
SKU - PIM Number1017838263883451
ERP Number121324
Unit of MeasureEA
BrandAmerican Standard
GEM - Case Quantity


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