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American Standard COV01383 - Cover, ID Section Top Assembly

Item: COV01383
MFR: COV01383

This product is no longer available for purchase.

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American Standard COV01383 - Cover, ID Section Top Assembly

For use with RRU181C3DDAA, RRU181C3DDAB, RRU181C3DKAA, RRU181C3DKAB, RRU181C3NCAA, RRU181C3NCAB, RRU181C3NJAA, RRU181C3NJAB, RRU241C3DFAA, RRU241C3DFAB, RRU241C3DMAA, RRU241C3DMAB, RRU241C3NEAA, RRU241C3NEAB, RRU241C3NLAA, RRU241C3NLAB, SCUE036**B0, SCUE048**B0, SCUE060**B0, SCUE075**B0, SCUE090**B0, SCUE120**B0, SCUE150**B0, SCUE180**B0, SCUE240**B0, SCUE300**B0, SCUE300**C0, SPUE036**A0, SPUE036**B0, SPUE048**A0, SPUE048**B0, SPUE060**A0, SPUE060**B0, SPUE075**A0, SPUE075**B0, SPUE090**A0, SPUE090**B0, SPUE120**A0, SPUE120**B0, SPUE150**A0, SPUE150**B0, SPUE180**A0, SPUE180**B0, SPUE240**A0, SPUE240**B0, SPUE300**A0, SPUE300**B0, TCD150B30FBA, TCD150B30GBA, TCD150B40FBA, TCD150B40GBA, TCD175BD00AA, TCD180E300AA, TCD180E300BA, TCD180E30AAA, TCD180E30ABA, TCD180E30ABB, TCD180E30BAA, TCD180E30BBA, TCD180E30CAA, TCD180E30CBA, TCD180E30CBB, TCD180E30FAA, TCD180E30FBA, TCD180E30GAA, TCD180E30GBA, TCD180E30GBB, TCD180E30GBC, TCD180E400AA, TCD180E400BA, TCD180E40AAA, TCD180E40ABA, TCD180E40ABB, TCD180E40BAA, TCD180E40BBA, TCD180E40CAA, TCD180E40CBA, TCD180E40CBB, TCD180E40FAA, TCD180E40FBA, TCD180E40GAA, TCD180E40GBA, TCD180E40GBB, TCD180EW00AA, TCD180EW00BA, TCD180EW0AAA, TCD180EW0ABA, TCD180EW0ABB, TCD180EW0BAA, TCD180EW0BBA, TCD180EW0CAA, TCD180EW0CBA, TCD180EW0CBB, TCD180EW0FAA, TCD180EW0FBA, TCD180EW0GAA, TCD180EW0GBA, TCD180EW0GBB, TCD181B300CA, TCD181B300DA


NameAmerican Standard COV01383 - Cover, ID Section Top Assembly
Gemaire Item NumberCOV01383
Manufacturer Product NumberCOV01383
SKU - PIM Number1017838263955219
ERP Number127735
Unit of MeasureEA
GEM - Case Quantity

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