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American Standard PNL13364 - Access Panel, Compressor, 43 1/4" X 35"

Item: PNL13364
MFR: PNL13364

This product is no longer available for purchase.

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American Standard PNL13364 - Access Panel, Compressor, 43 1/4" X 35"

Unit rating labels are not part of the door panel assembly. The model and serial number are required to allow the order to be released.

For use with THC072E3***0*, THC072E4***0*, THC072F3***0*, THC072F4***0*, THC074F3***0*, THC074F4***0*, THC092A3***0*, THC092A3***1*, THC092A3***2*, THC092A3***3*, THC092A4***0*, THC092A4***1*, THC092A4***2*, THC092A4***3*, THC092AW***0*, THC092AW***1*, THC092AW***2*, THC092AW***3*, THC092F3***0*, THC092F4***0*, THC102A3***0*, THC102A3***1*, THC102A3***2*, THC102A3***3*, THC102A4***0*, THC102A4***1*, THC102A4***2*, THC102A4***3*, THC102AW***0*, THC102AW***1*, THC102AW***2*, THC102AW***3*, THC102F3***0*, THC102F4***0*, THC120A3***0*, THC120A3***1*, THC120A3***2*, THC120A3***3*, THC120A4***0*, THC120A4***1*, THC120A4***2*, THC120A4***3*, THC120AW***0*, THC120AW***1*, THC120AW***2*, THC120AW***3*, TSC092E3***0*, TSC092E3***1*, TSC092E4***0*, TSC092E4***1*, TSC092EK***0*, TSC092EK***1*, TSC092EW***0*, TSC092EW***1*, TSC092F3***0*, TSC092F3***1*, TSC092F4***0*, TSC092F4***1*, TSC092FW***0*, TSC092FW***1*, TSC102A3***0*, TSC102A3***1*, TSC102A3***2*, TSC102A3***3*, TSC102A4***0*, TSC102A4***1*, TSC102A4***2*, TSC102A4***3*, TSC102AD***0*, TSC102AD***1*, TSC102AD***2*, TSC102AD***3*, TSC102AK***0*, TSC102AK***1*, TSC102AK***2*, TSC102AK***3*, TSC102AW***0*, TSC102AW***1*, TSC102AW***2*, TSC102AW***3*, TSC102BD***0*, TSC102BD***1*, TSC102E3***0*, TSC102E3***1*, TSC102E4***0*, TSC102E4***1*, TSC102ED***0*, TSC102ED***1*, TSC102EK***0*, TSC102EK***1*, TSC102EW***0*, TSC102EW***1*, TSC102F3***0*, TSC102F3***1*, TSC102F4***0*, TSC102F4***1*, TSC102FW***0*, TSC102FW***1*, TSC120A3***0*, TSC120A3***1*


NameAmerican Standard PNL13364 - Access Panel, Compressor, 43 1/4" X 35"
Gemaire Item NumberPNL13364
Manufacturer Product NumberPNL13364
SKU - PIM Number1017838263989240
ERP Number139886
Unit of MeasureEA
BrandAmerican Standard
GEM - Case Quantity

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