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Forget the Duct.
Get a better solution,

Going with a Ductless Mini Split System offers the end user many advantages.
From supplementing a conditioned space to cooling down an entire office, Ductless Mini Split Systems offer many distinct advantages.

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Flexible Heating and Cooling

Each room can be controlled to their ideal temperature. And Heat pump functionality allows for year-round comfort.

Energy efficient & Cost effective

Models rated up to 38 SEER/15 HSPF are available today at Without the additional cost of creating and installing ducts, the Ductless Mini Split Systems may be saving to your customers.

Comfort in many ways

The ultimate goal is to bring comfort to your customer. A Ductless Mini Split System typically has a much quieter indoor operation, 19dB as compared to 52dB on typical 12,000 BTU window units.

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  1. GREE 1521300101 - Stepper Motor
    GREE 1521300101 - Stepper Motor
    Item: 1521300101
    MFR: 1521300101
  2. GREE 1501306723 - Fan Motor
    GREE 1501306723 - Fan Motor
    Item: 1501306723
    MFR: 1501306723
  3. GREE 15013314 - Fan Motor
    GREE 15013314 - Fan Motor
    Item: 15013314
    MFR: 15013314
  4. GREE 1501214501 - Fan Motor
    GREE 1501214501 - Fan Motor
    Item: 1501214501
    MFR: 1501214501
  5. GREE 1501214503 - Fan Motor
    GREE 1501214503 - Fan Motor
    Item: 1501214503
    MFR: 1501214503
  6. GREE 15012136 - Fan Motor
    GREE 15012136 - Fan Motor
    Item: 15012136
    MFR: 15012136
Items 1–16 of 39 total