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Opportunity is here.
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Offering connected home products to your customers is a no-brainer. Start reaping the benefits today.

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Get Connected. Get Paid.

Our suite of Connected Home products allows you to offer a wider array of products to your customers. Turn simple service calls into opportunities to upgrade your customer's houses. They have already opened the door to you, offer more choices and keep everyone happier year-round.

The Whole House

The modern connected home is there to serve its residents through automating repeating processes. From helping you control your home’s temperature to giving you the peace of mind that your home is safe, your connected home lets you know what’s happening anywhere in the world.

Connected Home Collection


Don’t sweat the colder months of the year! Open up new ways to engage your customers when they are unlikely to make HVAC calls! Offer your professional installation of their connected home needs.


75% of connected-home devices are purchased through service providers today. They trust you as their go-to expert. Suggest innovations that will help save time and money.


Customers are looking for a connected home solution. Be ready to provide one for them. Current, trends are showing more than 30% yearly growth in Connected Home Products sales.

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