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What if...

you could replace MILLIONS of OEM variable speed motors with just 5 parts on your truck?


The Evergreen® VS motor and Evergreen VS user interface are designed to replace Genteq® constant airflow (variable speed) ECM indoor blower motors.

The Evergreen VS product line is designed specifically to replace Genteq models 2.3, Eon® and 3.0 motors. These motors represent the largest volume of variable speed motors used to date in HVAC OEM indoor blower motor applications.


Evergreen VS Motors

Model # HP Volts FLA Rotation RPM Frame DIM A DIM B
6503V 1/3 120/240 5.0/2.8 CCW/CW 1050 NEMA 48 10.71" 5.71"
6505V 1/2 120/240 7.7/4.3 CCW/CW 1050 NEMA 48 11.21" 6.21"
6507V 3/4 120/240 10.1/6.2 CCW/CW 1050 NEMA 48 11.96" 6.96"
6510V 1 120/240 12.8/7.4 CCW/CW 1050 NEMA 48 12.71" 7.71"

Evergreen VS User Interface

Model # 5K010


  • Pre-programmed.
  • Plug-n-play.
  • Dual voltage.
  • Dual rotation.
  • Truck stock.


  • Two year warranty.*
  • Complete calls same day including after hours calls.
  • Reduce time on call using part on truck.
  • Built by same manufacturer as original motor.
  • Maintains system performance and efficiency.

* This warranty shall expire twenty-four (24) months from first use of the Product or thirty (30) months from date of shipment of the Product, whichever occurs first. Except as stated here, Regal standard limited warranty applies.


The Evergreen VS motor is designed for use in the following types of HVAC systems:

  • Furnace, air handler and package units.
  • Fossil fuel, electric strip heat, A/C, heat pump and geothermal units.
  • When replacing 2.3 or Eon® motors, Evergreen VS motors can only be used in single stage or two stage HVAC systems.
  • When replacing 3.0 motors, Evergreen VS motors can be used in single stage, multi-stage, modulating and communicating HVAC systems.