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The award-winning air purifier from Fresh-Aire UV allows for your whole house to have purified air throughout the conditioned space, with virtually no replacement parts!

Fresh-Aire UV

Detox Your Air

APCO uses a unique combination of UVC light and activated carbon cells to reduce airborne odors, mold, germs, and allergens throughout the entire home.

APCO is installed in the duct work of the central air system so it can remove airborne contaminants throughout the conditioned space.

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How it works

At the heart of APCO is a matrix of activated carbon cells. These cells attract and hold odors and microbes which are then catalyzed by exposure to UV light.

The cells are self-cleaning and the system is virtually maintenance-free.

Normal air filtration systems physically remove particulates like dust, dander, and pollen. However, that’s only a third of the issue.

Ozone Free

Although many air purifiers claim to reduce odors, not all of those do so without generating harmful ozone. APCO not only does not produce this problematic gas, it removes ozone from the air!

Whole-House Air Purifiers

By placing APCO within the duct system, you eliminate the need for individual room purifiers. Reducing airborne contaminants allows for a cleaner, healthier environment.

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