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Friedrich PDE07K3SG - 72K BTU, 12.2 EER Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner/Heat Pump, 3.4 kW, 208-30/1/60

Item: PDE07K3SG

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Friedrich PDE07K3SG - 72K BTU, 12.2 EER Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner/Heat Pump, 3.4 kW, 208-30/1/60

  • Diamonblue Corrosion Protection - Diamonblue corrosion protection comes standard on all models. Diamonblue protects the outdoor coil against deterioration, and extends the life of the unit.
  • Digital Defrost Thermostat - The new Friedrich PTAC uses a digital thermostat to accurately monitor the outdoor coil conditions to allow the heat pump to run whenever conditions are correct. Running the PTAC in heat pump mode saves energy and reduces operating costs. The digital thermostat allows maximization of heat pump run time.
  • Instant Heat Heat Pump Mode - Heat pump models will automatically run the electric heater to quickly bring the room up to temperature when initially energized, then return to heat pump mode. This ensures that the room is brought up to temperature quickly without the usual delay associated with heat pump units.
  • Even Heat Monitoring - The digital control monitors indoor conditions to ensure that the room temperature is within five degrees of the setpoint. If necessary, the unit will cycle the electric heat to maintain the temperature. This feature ensures guest comfort by delivering the heating benefits of an electric heater while maintaining the efficiency benefits of a heat pump.
  • Fan Cycle Control - The owner may choose between fan cycling or fan continuous mode based on property preference. (Note: Even heat monitoring and quiet start / stop fan delay only operate in fan cycle mode). Fan continuous mode constantly circulates the air while the unit is ON. Fan cycle will conserve energy by only operating the fan while the compressor or electric heater is operating.
  • Emergency Heat Override - In the event of a compressor failure in heat pump mode, the compressor may be locked out to provide heat through the resistance heater. This feature ensures that even in the unlikely event of a compressor failure, the room temperature can be maintained until the compressor can be serviced.
  • Desk Control Ready - All Friedrich digital PTACs have low voltage terminals ready to connect a desk control energy management system. Controlling the unit from a remote location like the front desk can reduce energy usage and requires no additional accessories on the PTAC unit.
  • Indoor Coil Frost Sensor - The frost sensor protects the compressor from damage in the event that airflow is reduced or low outdoor temperatures cause the indoor coil to freeze. When the indoor coil reaches 30 degrees F, the compressor is disabled and the fan continues to operate based on demand. Once the coil temperature returns to 45 degrees F, the compressor returns to operation.
  • Ultra-Quiet Air System - Friedrich PD series units feature an indoor fan system design that reduces sound levels without lowering airflow or preventing proper air circulation.
  • High Efficiency - The Friedrich PTAC has been engineered so that all functional systems are optimized so that they work together to deliver the highest possible performance.
  • Single Motor - Friedrich's single-motor design allows for enhanced outdoor airflow and simplifies the unit design without the need for redundant components.
  • Rotary Compressor - High efficiency rotary compressors are used on all Friedrich PTACs to maximize durability and efficiency.
  • Auxiliary Fan Ready - The Friedrich PTAC features a 24V AC terminal for connection to an auxiliary fan that may be used to transfer air to adjoining rooms. Auxiliary fans can provide conditioning to multiple rooms without the need for multiple PTAC units.
  • Aluminum Endplates - All Friedrich PTACs are built with .04" endplates made from aluminum as opposed to steel. The endplates are typically the most susceptible area for corrosion and aluminum is far more resistant to corrosion than even-coated steel.
  • Top-Mounted Antimicrobial Air Filters - All Friedrich PTAC return air filters feature an antimicrobial element that has proven to prevent mold and bacterial growth in laboratory testing. PDXFT replacement filter kits feature the same antimicrobial agent. All filters are washable, reusable and easily accessed from the top of the unit without the removal of the front cover.
  • Filtered Fresh Air Intake - Friedrich PTAC units are capable of introducing up to 70 CFM of outside air into the conditioned space. The outdoor air passes through a washable mesh filter to prevent debris from entering the airstream.


NameFriedrich PDE07K3SG - 72K BTU, 12.2 EER Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner/Heat Pump, 3.4 kW, 208-30/1/60
Gemaire Item NumberPDE07K3SG
Manufacturer Product NumberPDE07K3SG
SKU - PIM Number1457429461115
ERP Number361247
Unit of MeasureEA
Weight126.0 Pounds (Lb)
Length45.0 Inches (In)
Width26.0 Inches (In)
Height19.0 Inches (In)
Country of OriginCHN
Equipment TypeStraight Cool
Cooling Capacity7200
Heating Capacity11700
Voltage208-230 VAC
Cycle/Hertz60 Hz
Circuit Breaker - Min Amps20
Circuit Breaker - Max Amps20
Minimum Circuit Amps14
Maximum Fuse Size20
Condenser Motor Speeds1 (Single)
CertificationsUL, AHRI
Warranty OfferedYes
Energy Star RatedNo
UL ListedYes
UL RecognizedYes
GEM - Case Quantity


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