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LG Scroll Compressors

Gemaire Introduces

LG Scroll Compressors

High-Quality, Drop-In Replacement

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Did you know? LG has been providing Compressor Solutions for more than 40 years?

LG Scroll Compressors

A reliable, competitively priced replacement for Copeland and Danfoss scroll compressors.

Product Highlights:
Currently used by major OEMs
Fully charged with POE Oil as lubricant
Drop-in replacement for Copeland & Danfoss scrolls
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Constant Speed

2nd Generation Scroll Compressor

Charged with POE oil: R22 & r407c Compatible
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  • Axial Compliance by Gas Force Technology
  • High Efficiency Compressor
  • Optimized Compressor Height
  • Improved Reliability Quality
  • New Restarting Response Mechanism
  • Discharge By-pass to improve Low condition area
  • High Performance in the System

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Competitive Cross Reference Chart

LG to Copeland and Danfoss Scrolls
(POE OIL: R22 & R407c compatible)

LG Model
R22 & R407C
Copeland Model Danfoss Scroll ARI
Motor Run Capacitor Required*
SQA022KAZ ZR21K5E-PFV; ZR21K5-PFV n/a 21,500 208-230/60 (1) 35/440 3/4 1/2
SQA026KAZ ZR25K5-PFV; ZR25K5E-PFV HRM025T1LP6 26,100 208-230/60 (1) 35/440 3/4 1/2
SQA032KAZ ZR28K5-PFV; ZR28K5E-PFV; ZR32K5-PFV; ZR32K5E-PFV HRM032U1LP6 32,300 208-230/60 (1) 45/440 3/4 1/2
SQA038KAZ ZR38K5E-PFV; ZR38K5-PFV HRM038U1LP6 37,000 208-230/60 (1) 50/440 3/4 1/2
SQA042KAZ ZR42K5-PFV; ZR42K5E-PFV HRM042U1LP6 41,200 208-230/60 (1) 50/440 3/4 1/2
SR047KBZ ZR48K5E-PFV; ZR48K5-PFV HRM048U1LP6 47,600 208-230/60 (1) 60/440 7/8 1/2
SRA053KAZ ZR54K5E-PFV; ZR54K5-PFV HRM054U1LP6 53,500 208-230/60 (1) 70/440 7/8 1/2
SR057KCZ ZR57K3E-PFV; ZR57K3-PFV HRM058U1LP6 58,000 208-230/60 (1) 70/440 7/8 1/2

Features & Built-In Protection Devices

Featuring a quiet start-up and shut-down, and an ease of installation due to its square mounted footprint and suction/discharge tube orientation.

LG Feature 1

Quiet Start-Up and Shutdown

Fully charged with polyolester oil as lubricant

LG Feature 2

Internal Motor Overload Protection (OLP)

Thermal switch senses high temperature of the compressor motor windings

LG Feature 3

Discharge Temperature Protection (DTS)

External thermal sensor protects against excessively high scroll temperatures

LG Feature 4

Internal Pressure Relief (IPR)

A relief valve that opens at very high internal pressures, protecting the unit

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