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Rheem (AHRI 3535180) 10 Ton, 11.9 SEER, 120K BTUH Commercial Heat Pump Split System - Air Handler, 208-230V/3/60

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System Includes:
One RPWL-120CAZ Classic Series® Condenser
  • EQUIPMENT GROUND-Lug for field connection of ground wire.
  • CONTACTOR-The contactor is an electrical switch which operates the compressor and outdoor fans. Its 24 volt coil is activated on a call for cooling or heating.
  • TRANSFORMER-75 VA step-down type, from Line to 24 volts with resettable circuit breaker.
  • CAPACITORS-Help provide starting torque necessary to boost the condenser fan motors to operating speed by directing their stored energy to the starter winding in step with the running winding.
  • DEMAND DEFROST CONTROL-Used when unit is in heating mode to defrost outdoor coil.
  • COILS-Constructed with copper tubes and aluminum fins mechanically bonded to tubes for maximum heat transfer capabilities. All coil assemblies are leak tested up to 550PSIG [3792 kPa] internal pressure. [ ] Designates Metric Conversions
  • SERVICE ACCESS-Control box with separate line and control voltages, as well as compressor and other refrigerant controls are accessible through access panels. An electrical access cover may be opened or removed without affecting normal operation of the unit. Condenser fan motors are equipped with molded plugs for easy removal. Louver panels and end access panel can be removed for coil cleaning.
  • BASE PAN-Galvanized steel with powdercoat paint finish.
  • COMPRESSOR-The Scroll Compressor is hermetically sealed with internal high temperature protection, and durable insulation on motor windings. The entire compressor is mounted on rubber grommets to reduce vibration and noise.
  • TX VALVE-Used when unit is in heating mode and outdoor coil functions as evaporator.
  • FILTER DRIER-Field installed in liquid line.
  • CRANKCASE HEATER-Minimizes refrigerant migration to compressor sump.
  • REVERSING VALVE-Sized for maximum capacity and efficiency, 24V coil, energized in heating.
  • AUTO-RESET HIGH PRESSURE CONTROL, AND AUTO RESET LOW PRESSURE CONTROL-To provide compressor protection under abnormally high head pressure conditions (outdoor fan failure, restriction, dirty coil, etc.) or abnormally low suction pressure conditions (restrictions, TEV failure, loss of charge, indoor blower failure, etc.) while eliminating nuisance tripping sometimes experienced with conventional control systems.
  • SUCTION LINE ACCUMULATOR-To prevent liquid slugging of compressor.
  • REFRIGERANT CONNECTIONS-All field sweat joints are made external of the unit and are located close to the ground for a neat looking installation.
  • SERVICE VALVE-Standard on liquid line, and vapor line.

One RHGM-120ZL Classic Series® Air Handler
  • CABINET-Powder coat painted. Matching discharge plenums and decorative supply and return air grilles are available for use when units are to be installed within conditioned space.
  • MOTOR-Inherently protected motors are mounted inside of insulated cabinet to reduce motor noise. A choice of motor horsepower sand drive combinations are available to allow you to meet specified various static pressures up to 2" [.498 kPa] external static pressure.
  • LOW PROFILE-Allows for horizontal installation in most standard drop ceiling applications, and the movement of units through most standard doorways for addition or replacement work.
  • THERMAL EXPANSION VALVES-Standard all models.
  • FILTERS-One inch [25 mm] throwaway filters are standard, but filter racks are designed to accept either one inch [25 mm] or two inch[51 mm] filters.
  • EVAPORATOR COIL-Two circuit, interlaced row split coils are constructed with copper tubes and aluminum fins mechanically bonded to the tubes for maximum heat transfer capabilities. All coil assemblies are leak tested up to 450 PSIG [3100 kPa] internal pressure prior to installation into units.
  • REFRIGERANT CONNECTIONS-Field piping connections are made through a fixed post between two side access panels on either side of the unit. Allows flexibility to meet most field conditions as well as full accessibility after the installation is complete. Units may be used with two straight cool condensing units or single in the field using the copper fittings shipped with each unit. The RHGM Air Handler has not been tested, rated or certified to operate with dual remote heat pumps.
  • DRAIN PAN-The galvanized steel drain pan is designed to trap condensate in either vertical or horizontal installations. Condensate drain connections are located on both sides of the unit allowing complete flexibility to meet most field conditions.
  • SERVICE ACCESS-Two removable panels on top and each side of the unit are easily removed for access to motors, blowers, sheaves, and filters.
  • HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL-All models are designed for either application and can be installed in either position as supplied from the factory.
  • TESTING-All units are run tested at the factory prior to shipment. Units are shipped with a holding charge of nitrogen.
  • HEAT PUMP-The RHGM-090 & 120 Air Handler is designed for heat pump applications. It has two TX valves with internal check valves that allow reverse flow to occur, providing superior control during heating and cooling cycles. RHGM-090 & 120 Air Handler has been rated and certified to operate with 7.5 ton [26 kW] and10 ton [35 kW] remote heat pumps RPWL.


NameRheem (AHRI 3535180) 10 Ton, 11.9 SEER, 120K BTUH Commercial Heat Pump Split System - Air Handler, 208-230V/3/60
SKU - PIM Number1385395286008
ERP NumberSYSRHE0545
Product FamilyRPWL
Product TypeHeat Pump Split System
Cooling Capacity116000
Net Sensible87100
Voltage208-230 VAC
Equipment TypeHeat Pump
AHRI Number3535180
TierHigh Efficiency
GEM - Case Quantity