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Failed Blower Motor Operation

Issue Date

September 27, 2019

Units Involved

1-1/2 & 2 Ton RH1T, RF1T, and RBHP 208/230 Volt Constant Torque Air Handlers.

Date Codes Involved

Units Manufactured W1219 through W3019.


Rheem has manufactured a population of 1-1/2 & 2-ton air handlers with 1/3 HP motors (51-106544-(04, 14, 09) that may experience intermittent "no start conditions". This will be more evident in high resistance applications (e.g., high static and high ambient temp). Please be aware that upon arrival of a service technician that the unit may be running due to power being cycled and may be mis-diagnosed due to this.

Symptoms that the technician should look for include:

  • Frozen evaporator coils or low pressure trips in cooling operation; and
  • High pressure trips in heating operation

All 208/230 volt RH1T, RF1T and RBHP 1-1/2 & 2 ton air handlers that fall within this date code range should be inspected and appropriate actions taken to change the motor, if a suspect motor serial number has been identified.

To identify, technicians would be required to:

  1. Remove the blower section door.
  2. Observe the serial number of the motor, placed on a label on the bottom side of the motor — see photo below.
  3. Download the latest version of the Rheem Contractor App — download links below.
  4. Utilizing the "Motor Verification" tool within the App, please scan the bar code on the label of the motor. If you are unable to access by scanning, please take a picture of the label and enter the serial number into the "Motor Verification" — see photo below.
  5. Lastly, you can remove the blower housing from the air handler and scan the label using the "Motor Verification" tool — see photo below.

Note: With any of these three options, the “Motor Verification” tool will verify and provide indication if the motor is one of the suspect serial numbers requiring replacement — see photo below

Motor verification - Step 1

Motor verification - Step 2

Motor verification - Step 3

The motor serial number can also be validated by contacting your local distributor service coordinator.

For Installed Air Handlers

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended that all 1-1/2 and 2 ton air handlers that fall within the suspect date codes, which have been sold and installed should be inspected for a suspect motor.

  • For inspections that do not result in a motor change a $125 labor allowance will be provided. Appropriate unit model/serial and motor part/serial number must be provided to complete the claim.
  • For inspections that do require a motor change, an additional $75 labor allowance will be provided. Please return the unit model/serial number, as well as, the motor part/serial number to receive the $200.
Model Number Replacement Programmed Motor Part Number
RBHP17J06SH1B 51-104358-04
RBHP17J07SH1B 51-104358-04
RBP17J11SH1B 51-104358-04
RF1T241MTANJAB05417 51-104358-14
RF1T241MTANJAB10417 51-104358-14
RF1T2421MTANJAN00 51-104358-14
RH1T2417STANJA 51-104358-09

NOTE: A Gen 2 motor module will not fit on a Gen 3 motor, the modules are not interchangeable.

All Claims related to this Service Note should have a WCN code of NCT2019-2.

This Service Note expires 12/31/19.

Should there be any question as to the coverage or application of this Service Note, please contact your assigned Distributor Service Coordinator.

We apologize for the inconveniences this has caused to you businesses.

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