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Linking Your Existing Gemaire Business Account to

If you are an existing Gemaire customer with a credit/open terms or cash terms account you will need to simply link these accounts to a new online user account. This is simple process and will only take you a few minutes.

If you are new to Gemaire and would like to begin buying from us, please check out our new customer program.

Quick Definition: Linking Your Account

'Linking' your account means you are connecting your Gemaire credit account with your account. As soon as your account is linked our everyday low pricing on the 18,000+ products available to purchase online will show up. You will also be able to view billing account information online such as open credit terms, addresses, tax and shipment settings and much more.

Important Information Before You Start the Linking Process:

    • Please grab a copy of your last Gemaire Billing Statement so that you have all your account information at your fingertips.
    • Your company’s owner or senior manager is best to be the one that first sets up your online account. This person will become the “Company Administrator”. They can add additional users (employees) to place orders and perform other accounting functions once the main account is set up.
    • Please note you can get help with linking up your account from either your salesperson or by calling into our Ecommerce Customer Service Department at 888-601-0038.

How To Link Your Existing Gemaire Business Account to


Step 1:

Click the “Sign In or Register” link on the top right of and select “Link Your Gemaire Account” from the dropdown menu.

Link Your Existing Gemaire Account Step 1

Step 2:

Fill in all the fields on the “Link Your Gemaire Account” form

PRO TIP: The form fields must match exactly to what is on your last statement. The values entered in these fields must have the same punctuation, spacing, capitalization and complete content. If the content is not 100% exact you will see an error message asking you to reenter the form.

1. Account Number

2. Company Name

3. Phone Number

4. Billing Zip Code

5. Last Statement Balance (COD customers please input  .00)

Linking Your Existing Gemaire Account Step 2

Step 3:

Check the box labeled "I agree to the terms of use and privacy policy" and click "Link Your Account" to submit the form.

PRO TIP: If you entered in all the data correctly you will see a yellow box with a notification stating “Your request is being processed”.

Linking Your Existing Gemaire Account Step 3

Step 4:

Within one business day you will receive an email confirmation (sent to the email address entered on the form) stating your account has been linked properly and is activated. 

PRO TIP: The confirmation email will include your account username and temporary password. Upon receipt of the username and temporary password, you should log into and change your temporary password to a secure password of your choosing. See the help topic How To Change Your Password for information regarding the password reset process.


Linking Your Existing Gemaire Account Step 4

If you need assistance or have any questions about our help topics, please consult with one of our Ecommerce Customer Service staff as they will be happy to help.
Call: 888–601–0038
Email: [email protected]