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Price Books

Self serve price books, generated on demand.

Quick access to Gemaire’s product catalog and AHRI matched systems.

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Targeted Price Books

Access a collection of Price Books tailored for your selected Branch and active User Account.

Advanced Export Features*

Export the Price Book to PDF or Microsoft Excel file formats. Advanced Export Settings gives you more options to generate a Price Book organized the way you need.

* Advanced Export Features are only available for qualifying price books templates.

Future Pricing

As part of the Advanced Export Options, the Future Price option gives you early access to upcoming price changes in the Gemaire catalog before they are put into effect.

Fully Functional and Integrated Price Book Solution

Quick access to AHRI Certificate for matched systems

AHRI Price Books include the AHRI Reference Number for every matched system listed. From this point, obtaining the AHRI Certificate is just a couple clicks away.

Linked to the online catalog on Gemaire.com

Did you find what you were looking for? Just click on it! Every Item in the Price Book is linked to its detail page on Gemaire.com.

Add To Cart directly from the Price Book

Once you find what you need, add the item to your Cart on Gemaire.com directly from the PDF document, without having to search for it again on the website.

Generate Importable Excel Files

Update the pricing in your backend system by uploading the generated Excel file.

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UI sample

1. Grouping Options

Available only for AHRI type Price Books. This option allows you to define the way the matchups will be organized within the price book. The user can select any of the following criteria to specify up to two grouping levels:

  • No Grouping
  • System Type
  • SEER
  • Tonnage
  • AFUE
  • Product Families

2. Future Price Options

In the HVAC world, as in many other industries, prices varies periodically due to many reasons. The “Future Price” option allows you to export a price book reflecting upcoming price changes before they are put into effect. This gives our customers a great opportunity to plan ahead and make good business decisions.

This export option is available only on Price Books containing products scheduled for price change.

3. Export Format

Choose between two options:

  • PDF: This popular format provides lots of interactions and can be opened on almost any device.
  • Microsoft Excel (XLSX): Ideal as a data source to update the pricing in your backend system.