Setting Up Multiple Delivery Addresses

The address management function on makes it very simple to store commonly used addresses for delivery. customers can have orders delivered directly to a job site or to a warehouse and can quickly select from saved addresses or add a new address during checkout.

How Set Up Multiple Delivery Addresses:

Step 1:

Add items to your cart and select "Checkout" using the cart button.

Step 2:

Under the Shipping section, select the "Delivery" tab and click the “Add New Address” button.

Step 3:

Fill in the form with the new delivery address information.

Step 4:

Select the checkbox to save the address to your address book, so it can be quickly used for future deliveries.

Step 5:

Once complete, click “Create and Save” button and the address will be added to the current order and to your address book .

PRO TIP: Please be very careful that the address is complete and accurate.

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